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Since Spay And Neuter of the Desert Society (S.A.N.D.S.) received its 501(c) (3) non-profit status in April of 2010, we have helped responsible owners sterilize of over 3500 dogs and cats, both domestic and feral.  This has prevented the unplanned births of 60,000 puppies and kittens over a five year period that would have added to the exploding number of pets that will be abandoned or euthanized in the Imperial County.

Spay And Neuter of the Desert Society looks forward to continuing its programs with the El Centro Animal Clinic and the Desert Veterinary Group. Your individual donations make these important low-cost spay and neuter programs possible for Imperial County residents.

You can imagine the thoughts of a poor dog or cat which has been pushed outside or abandoned in the country, left alone to fend for itself.

sad dog“I am not feeling well and two of my babies are already dead.

We are all so hungry and there is no place for us to go. I know they loved me but they just didn’t know how to care for me.

My heart is broken and we are suffering. I don’t want to die like this.”

It is a heartbreaking scenario, but what is more heartbreaking is that in your very own community over 2,000 animals a year come through our local shelters to be relocated or euthanized.

Did you know that most animal shelters are required to spay or neuter the animal before it can be adopted, but they don’t have the funds to do it, so they must euthanize the animal.   

Did you know that some animal shelters get paid to kill dogs, cats, puppies and kittens?

These are just a couple reasons why spaying or neutering your animal could save its life.